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The African Sport Summit

Dates to be Announced

The   African Sport Summit  – is an opportunity to question the contribution of sport to the development of African societies, but above all to consider tangible solutions for the future.


The event is dedicated to bringing together African sport stakeholders in an African Sport Summit. Participants will question the legacy of the past, present and future African Games, Olympic Games and more generally sports mega-events. They will deepen the issue of sustainability in sport through infrastructure, education, training and youth employment which places national sports policies at the center of the debate. Questions of the contribution of the private sector and the redistribution of wealth will inevitably arise.


The event is also dedicated to sealing an alliance by hosting sports clubs and federations from around the world. We will consider practical and realistic solutions to advance fairer, more inclusive and sustainable sport in Africa. The questions of the development of sport and the development through sport in Africa will be challenged.


More than just a conference, the  African Sport Summit  is the design of a legacy in the form of an action plan which will be the subject of evaluations over the course of other African Sport Summits. To achieve this objective, for this first edition of the  African Sport Summit , Ministers of Youth and Sports of the Alliance will be invited to participate.


The World Sports Alliance IGO will present this intergovernmental organization which finances Academies, organizes sports competitions and awards scholarships to young student-athletes across Africa 


By focusing on finding realistic solutions for fairer, more inclusive and sustainable sport, we are building a community of thought and action to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the Alliance and their Member States, the African Union and their Member-States, between countries and investors and between champions, experts and young people.


We look forward to thinking, working and contributing to the well-being and development of young people through sport, and more generally to socially and economically bring changes in Africa.


The Summit will bring together Ministers, business leaders and investors to address the most pressing issues in sports and the need of the private sector to adapt practices. The event will connect Ministers of Sports, as well as executives of major sports movements, sports organizations and agencies with, influential thinkers and opinion leaders.


Stakeholders will present strategic insights that will drive tangible change and allow countries to sustain a competitive advantage. Major projects that will deliver positive change for youth will be unveiled and deals will be announced.


The sponsoring plan we are offering is an impactful event with your brand at the center of the African Sport Summit with direct exposure to Ministers of Sports as well the executives of major sports movements, sports organizations and agencies.


Your brand will receive prominent placement, social media announcements, email promotion and recognition on physical and media platforms. It is the best way for a brand to receive exposure with government delegations, major sports movements and leading sport organisations.

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