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Privacy Policy

Legal Framework
Nektar is domiciled in Switzerland. Therefore, it is governed by the laws and regulations of Switzerland and any information provided to us through either your application, your membership, or optional newsletter is considered personal data as defined and protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA).

Data related to your membership application.

Such data will only be used to process and discuss your application internally and with the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization ( hereafter referred as the Alliance ) and its specialized agency, the International Innovation Agency ( hereafter referred as the Agency and the Alliance and the Agency together referred as the Innovation Alliance ) as well as with Ministers and agencies of member states and potential member-states of the Innovation Alliance. Furthermore, we may use such data to contact you with important notifications about Nektar, to send you information related to Nektar, or to send you invitations to participate to Nektar events and conferences. We may also inform you about new Nektar initiatives in which you might have an interest. You are free, at any given time, to opt-out of those features.


Data Collection


Data collection is limited to the following:


Visiting our website: 

We employ a local installation of open-source analytics tools. Analytics are anonymised whenever possible and stored locally (and not on the cloud).


Communicating with the Nektar

Your communications with Nektar such as membership applications or general information requests may be saved by our staff. The legal basis for processing is consent and our legitimate interest is to improve the quality of our services.


Payment Information
We rely on third parties to process bank wires, credit card, and Bitcoin transactions and must therefore share payment information with third parties. The legal basis of this processing is the necessity to the execution of the contract between you and us.

Data Use

We do not have any advertising on our site. Any data that we do have will never be shared except under the circumstances described in this Agreement. We do NOT do any analysis on the limited data we do possess.

Data Storage

All servers used by Nektar are located in Switzerland. Only employees of Nektar have physical or other access to the servers. Data is ALWAYS stored in encrypted format on our servers. Offline backups may be stored periodically, but these are also encrypted. 

Data Disclosure

We will only disclose data we possess if we are instructed to do so by a fully binding request coming from the competent Swiss authorities (legal obligation). 

Modifications to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to periodically review and change this policy from time to time. We will notify users of material changes via public announcements on our newsletter. Continued use of the Services will be deemed as acceptance of such changes

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