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Business Philanthropy - 
Deploy and Impact Globally. 

The International  Business Consortium (IBC)

Members of Nektar build projects that support SDG initiatives in the territories of low income countries.

The Power of Partnerships

Projects are referred to as SDG Ventures and are developed between members of Nektar, the Alliance, the Agency and their 34 member-states.



See the list of participating countries 


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Making Deals for Philanthropy

Select from a range of SDG Ventures that include public and private partnerships, or propose your own SDG Venture. 


We assist with project preparation, organize meetings with regulators and high level government officials and assist during negotiations until closing.

When created, a portion of the revenues or net income of the SDG Venture is allocated to the Alliance Initiative, thus creating annual income streams towards the SDGs.


Read the IBC Protocols


Domain and Sector 

Companies operating in the following area will be given priority by the Alliance, the Agency and their member-states : 


  • bitcoin and financial technology infrastructures (hardware, application, network and interface) and particularly;

    • cryptocurrency, utility and asset backed token exchanges;

    • crypto wallets;

    • e-banking, crypto banking  and mining infrastructures;

    • e-payment;

    • peer-to-peer payment;

    • pointe-of-sale payment;

    • e-commerce payment.

Nektar Terminal.png

Nektar Terminal


Your portal to finding opportunities, growing business and supporting the SDGs. 


The Nektar Terminal connects you to SDG Ventures, public and private opportunities and independent research from more than 34 countries, as well as proprietary research on industries, markets, companies and countries provided by Nektar and Agency research teams.

Act faster with the Nektar Terminal

Highlight of the Nektar Terminal




Dig into vital information across projects, on companies, industries and countries.



Upload your data, project presentation files, financial projections and proposed capital investments.



Chat with analysts about announced and proposed SDG Ventures.


Keep track on your contributions towards the SDGs and how the funds are used.



The most extensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of key events making international headlines. 

We distribute all press releases, deals and announcements of the Alliance and the Agency and provide exclusive and dedicated coverage of deals impacting people, businesses and member-states of the Alliance and the Agency.

You'll see it first on the Nektar terminal !


We offer a range of independent research and proprietary and analyst-driven research. Build your own research team, hire a personal research assistant or call or message Nektar, and you will be in touch with a member of our research team instantly. Whether you need to generate ideas, or conduct detailed research, we give you an edge.

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