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Media Accreditation  

Nektar Media is the official multi-media platform of Nektar. Our task: provide coverage of Nektar and Innovation Alliance events and connect members and participants to their communities.  

Our events are reserved to industry professionals and press accreditations are granted by the Nektar Media Office (the “NMO”) to authorised media representatives who have already covered Nektar and Innovation Alliance Initiatives. Authorised media representatives that have already covered the initiatives are invited and assigned responsibility for media coverage during our events.
The number of accreditations per media outlet and the categories of the badges (access and priority levels) are attributed according to the profession represented (journalist, photographer etc.), the periodicity of the media outlet, its size (circulation, audience), its focus on bitcoin, finance, politics, web3, art or sports and its expected coverage of the event .

Apply for Accreditation

Learn more about how to apply for accreditation here 

Download the Background Check form here 

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