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Nektar ID   

Individuals and companies must be registered, go through KYC and create a Nektar ID before using any of our services, before applying for membership or using your Nektar Tokens.
When you register, you will need to confirm your personal informations as an individual and your corporate details if you are applying for a corporate membership or as an accredited member of the media. Make sure you select the correct account type and that you register with the correct name and address. The cost for creating your Nektar ID is CAD$ 25 ( individual or company )

The Nektar ID will be required when you sign in the Nektar Terminal or when you need to prove your identity when accessing any of our services.

When you become a member, you will be sent a Nektar membership card. This physical card confirms that you are a member of Nektar. Your Nektar Card will include your name and your Nektar ID. Your Nektar Card will be required when you attend Nektar Events. 


Create your Nektar ID

We only accept credit cards. We use Visa and Mastercard as part of the verification system. In the future, we will allow payments in bitcoin and other digital assets.

We will require you to upload a photo ID like a driver's license, a national ID , or passport.

Name or address mismatch 
You may still be able to create your Nektar ID even if the name or address on your ID does not match the name or address on your credit card. If your name or address does not match with your credit card then please select “online registration card” 


Voter & Election Guide 
A voter guide will provide background information on each candidates and ballot measures. They list who you can vote for and offer details on each candidate's experience and goals. They also explain certain policies and specific questions or issues that you can approve or reject.

Follow the link provided to create your Nektar ID.
If you have not received a link, request it her


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