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Membership in the Club is a distinction.


It is the result of special accomplishments and is reserved to individuals and business’s that ensure the Sustainable and Development Goals and Targets are encouraged for a more equitable and just society, objectives that are constantly evolving. 


To be a member is above all a commitment.


It is a desire to uphold values, both in the personal and business life. Nektar’s philosophy is based on the need to perpetuate, to pass on a legacy, an heritage and for that, members must embrace the Club’s spirit, they must be loyal to certain rules and principles and they must disseminate this spirit as widely as possible.


Membership is currently by invitation only.


Members are preferred partners, they may join our initiatives, attend our events, meet other members, access our services and bid on and, propose SDG Ventures.

If you wish to learn more about Nektar or get on the waiting list then leave your details and a member of our team will be with you.


You will have to complete a questionnaire, sign a confidentiality agreement and conduct an interview.

Tell us about you 

Tell us about what you do  

Thank you for applying, a member of our team will be with your shortly.

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