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Nektar IBC

Operation Jump Ball 2024-2030

Thank you for your interest in joining the Operation Jump Ball 


In Basketball, a Jump Ball is a method used to begin or resume play where two opposing players attempt to gain control of the ball after an official tosses it into the air between them. 


In Finance, it is used in the context of general equities. It’s a deal in which no party has exclusivity, where all parties are in direct competition for a piece of business. No preference is given in picking a particular side (buy/sell) of a stock which indicates that the sales force could have the stock go either way. 


It is also used as a term to describe the sharing by a sponsor of a collective investment vehicle, such as a private equity fund, or venture capital fund of the carried interest, generally with individuals who assist the sponsors in some way (e.g., sourcing transactions).

In our context, the
#OPJUMPBALL is a series of public-private-partnership programs, competitions and socio-economic initiatives part of the Nektar Challenge. It was designed by and for bitcoin experts to accelerate the implementation of a financial technology infrastructure and to impact the lives of youth in 34 countries. 


The objective of the various programs and the initial projects will be announced exclusively through Nektar accredited media partners and during the Nektar Meeting held in St Maarten in April 2024.

We are calling for the bitcoin industry to join this initiative and are providing a platform for standardising the application, submission and reviewal of projects, allowing members and candidates to membership to submit their proposals and for countries and regulators to quickly access a listing of firms and projects that meet or exceed our and their requirements.


We will assist selected members acquire the licenses, permits and other regulatory approvals necessary to operate in the territory of members of the Innovation Alliance. 


Please submit your contact information, and we will validate and send your application kit to get ready to present your projects.

Tell us about you 

Tell us about what you do  

Thank you for applying, a member of our team will be with your shortly.

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