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Welcome to Nektar 

Our mission is to establish SDG-focused philanthropy as a global norm 

Many individuals and companies search for a purpose. Nektar was born with one: to change the world for the better.


It’s there in our appointment, which is starting a revolution and will enable our members to rise as philanthropic leaders. It’s felt by youth, who we support in the early stage of their lives. And it’s proven by our actions, which harness the resources, skills and profits of our projects and initiatives to transform lives through art, music, sport, science, technology and innovation.

Business Philanthropy
International Business Consortium (IBC)

We help members make deals that achieve philanthropic goals

Members select from a range of projects, including public and private partnerships (SDG Ventures) announced by the Alliance, the Agency and their 34 member-states on the Nektar Terminal, or they can propose their own SDG Ventures.

When established, a portion of the revenues or net income of SDG Ventures are allocated to the Alliance Initiative, thus creating annual income streams towards the SDGs.

Business Meeting

The Nektar Challenge
May 13-20th 2023


The Nektar Challenge ( the Challenge) is a Challenge like no other. A Challenge that will push the boundaries of its participants and inspire communities around the globe. A Challenge that will be annual, on the road, online and global.


The Challenge aims to become the world's largest annual crypto fundraiser, art, entertainment and sporting event.


The 2023 Nektar Challenge will include a rally, music events, art auctions  and conferences and will provide an opportunity for participants to promote themselves globally while they fundraise in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in support of the Alliance Initiative.