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Dubai - November 25, 2024
Shining A Light On Candidates And New Growth Opportunities

Nektar Meeting 

The Agency is transitioning from a specialised agency of the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization (“Alliance”) to an autonomous International Financial Institution status (“IFI”) reserved to member-states of the Alliance that have either adopted bitcoin as legal tender or have adapted their regulations to allow for the trading and exchange of bitcoin and other digital assets. 


Against this backdrop, Nektar is organising a Forum and debates to shine a light on candidates, the strategy plans of the Agency and the new growth opportunities they represent for the global bitcoin community, nation states and youth. 

AGENDA  ( subject to change )

8:00 AM: Registration Open & Morning Networking  
8:45 AM: Attendees Invited to Enter the Main Room  

9:00 AM: Main Room Door Closed
9:05 AM: Alliance Welcome Remarks
by Dr Gilles Klein 
9:10 AM: Opening Address
9:15 AM: Alliance and Agency Presentations

9:30 AM: Heads of States / Minister Interview

9:45 AM: Morning Networking Break 

10:30 AM: Agency and Nektar Welcome Remarks by Mr Malick Maachi

10:35 AM: Insight Sessions

11:15 AM: Managing Director Candidate Presentations      

12:00 PM: Networking Lunch 

1:35 PM: Insight Sessions

1:45 PM: Heads of States / Minister Interview 

2:00 PM: Global Investor Outlook 
:15 PM: Investing towards the SDGs
:30 PM: Safeguarding and building financial wealth for future generations

2:45 PM: Afternoon Networking Break 

3:15 PM: Minister Interviews : Ministers of Finance and Economy from the Innovation Alliance on stage

3:30 PM: The Agency share its perspective on its 2024-2030 Strategy Agenda

3:45 PM: Special Panel and Special Guest Interview

4:00 PM: Original Members on stage. Special announce    

4:30 PM : Video Presentations of Host Country Candidates   

5:00 PM: Afternoon Networking Break 




Sponsor Involvement  


Some of the benefits of attending include:

  • Recognition as a Nektar member

  • Discover projects  that will be deployed in the territories of the Innovation Alliance

  • Announcements of Candidates to the position of Managing Director of the Agency

  • Inauguration of the Agency

  • Media and visibility opportunities

 Contact us here for more information and a member of our team will be in touch

NOVEMBER 29, 2023
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Black Sports Car
JULY 2024
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