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Nektar Global Naming Right


The Nektar global naming rights provide exclusive sponsorship, naming and advertising rights across the globe.

Within each of the 34 member-states of the Innovation Alliance, the holder will have exclusive rights to name multi-purpose facilities, programs, events, means of transport, merchandising, and much more. In perpetuity.




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As the Nektar global naming right holder your name will be displayed on the premises, means of transports, programs, relevant documentations and all official publications and communications (news and press releases) of the Innovation Alliance and, you will have first right of negotiation on every sponsorship and advertising deals (events, forums, conferences) and other naming right programs (stadiums, museums, schools etc.) that will be issued in the future.

You will be able to create, activate, pause and resume your communication plans based on your needs to stay connected with your audience in any country where the Innovation Alliance has a presence. In perpetuity. 

Discover the participating countries here


With the Nektar global naming rights, you can engage with youth, businesses, schools, universities and governments in ways that have historically not been possible with traditional sponsoring and naming right deals.

Such exposure will be made possible via one of the world’s largest network ever developed of multi-purpose education, sports, health and business centers and programs delivered in cities and remote villages in 34 countries around the world, with expectation of new countries being added yearly. 

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Naming rights offer some unique brand opportunities over more commonly employed advertising and marketing campaigns. While most sponsorship and naming rights have end-terms, the Nektar global naming right is perpetual and has a low 0.15% Naming Right Value (“NRV”) fee per year to cover brand management expenses.


It is the ultimate legacy program for individuals, families and companies that want to secure an enduring legacy.


Designed with flexibility in mind, the holder of the rights has first right of negotiation on every opportunities, options to use different names in different countries or projects and he can trade the rights at any time, for any reason. Conditions and transfer fees will apply.

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The Innovation Alliance will be building hundreds of small-medium size facilities across the world. Because they are smaller in size and receive privileged terms, they cost much less to deploy and to maintain then traditional centers while reaching many more, and the holder of the rights will benefit from this cost saving and greater reach.

Controlling the chain and benefiting from privileges will allow the Innovation Alliance to maintain the highest quality of services at the lowest possible cost. 


Some facilities will be developed in existing buildings, others on land provided by governments. Facilities will receive all public services ( electricity, water, telephone, internet, fire protection etc.) on the same terms as government agencies with 24/7 prioritised support.


The proven ability of governments and international organizations to partner with national and international project operators with expertise to manage complex end-to-end projects, from design to construction will enable the delivery of most projects within 8-12 months, while others within 18-24 months.



The Innovation Alliance are the only international organizations owned by countries that use donations, sponsoring revenues, naming rights and public and private partnerships to finance their activities. This makes them the best possible organizations to partner with to launch national and global initiatives.

Expect them to be constantly updated with new opportunities.


The Nektar global naming right is available exclusively via advance bidding following vetting. To begin the vetting process please contact Nektar here.

To streamline communication, Nektar will provide you with a single point of contact from vetting through bidding.

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