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The first global SDG-Focused crypto fundraising, music, art and sporting event 


Crypto and financial companies representing the mission of supporting education and sports initiatives for youth

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About the Nektar Challenge

The Nektar challenge is the world’s first global crypto fundraiser, music, art and sporting mission to support  the Sustainable Development Goals. The challenge will be commanded by Malick Maachi, Founder and President of the Innovation Agency.


Named after the divine drink of the Olympian and Roman gods, the Nektar Challenge will raise awareness and funds for the Alliance Intergovernmental Organization and the innovation Agency, an initiative lead to build education and sport infrastructures in 34 low income countries.

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About Teams


Any business, association or foundation, from anywhere in the world who pledge to support the Innovation Agency mission can create a Team and join the challenge.

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About Experience Packages


 Individual supporter of the mission can apply to join the Nektar challenge.


Pledge your support to the mission, join the white list and get ready to purchase the NFT Experience Packages to join the Nektar challenge alongside the Innovation Agency and other Teams. Only 25 packages will be available !

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Here's How You Can Support The Mission - directly or through Teams


The Nektar Challenge will last 7 days and is lead by 50 Teams who will attend and participate to 1 automobile rally, 1 concert, 1 art auction and 1 conference and we are partnering with every Team to complete the challenge through their social media platforms and their fans with each Team selecting 1 fan for the Generosity seat.  


Become a responsible member of society, support your Team and join the initiative  

Pledge your support to the mission and register your interest with your Team.








Support the Innovation Agency 

Individual Donation start at 0.001 BTC

Join one of our music events across North America

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