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Nektar - The Divine drink of the Olympian Gods

According to Ancient Greek Mythology, consuming nektar gave the gods their immortality and allowed them to overcome death. It also had the magical power to confer immortality on any mortal who had the luck to drink it and, eternal punishment to those who tried to steal it. 


About Nektar

Nektar was founded on the idea that immortality may occur as a consequence of ones existence. That one can be immortal based on its participation to humanity, as a consequence of having lived and from its benefits to mankind.


Contribute something to the wealth of humanity, and you are in that sense immortal. 

We bring together individuals, business leaders and members of the public and the private sector that share this common idea and have received from the World Sports Alliance (Alliance) and the International Innovation Agency (Agency) an exclusive mandate to support their initiatives, a testimony to our unique position in the international scene. 

In accordance with our statutes and appointments, we are fulfilling our mission as a global citizen:


  • on one hand as a private Club and organizer of corporate and philanthropic events and initiatives; and

  • on the other as the operator of the International Business Consortium (IBC) for the Alliance and the Agency to assist members build ventures that support SDG initiatives in low income countries.

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