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Join us in Montreal on May 13th 2023 as we rally, compete and unleash the greatest SDG crypto demonstration on the planet !

Companies in Bitcoin, other digital currencies and in the blockchain ecosystem representing the Challenge and supporting youth in 34 countries.  


At heart of the challenge is a long-term strategy to become the largest annual crypto fundraiser, art, entertainment and sporting event that we believe has the capacity to fill a significant gap in SDG targets while delivering excitement, engagement, collaboration and empowerment.  

The 2023 objective is to raise awareness to the issues faced by low income countries and 175 million Dollars to build education and sports centers, infrastructure and programs for the benefit of youth. 

If you haven't done it yet, learn more about the Alliance Initiative 

A rally, a bitcoin demonstration and a global crypto fundraiser.


Mobilizing bitcoin maximalist provides part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if crypto industry enthusiasts are not involved.  The largest groups not only serve as proof to their community witnessed, but proof that they came as SDG supporters.  As long as participants are cooperating to support each other, regardless of their protocol preference, they’ll engender loyalty. The marketing itself is team and community based and requires minimum effort. Media will broadcast and enthusiasts will support, promote and join at will, recognizing that power in another does not diminish their own.

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The Rally

A maximum of 50 Teams ( 1 car and 2 participants per Team / 100 participants ) will rally +/- 3000 km between Montreal and Miami.


Fuelled with stops at the finest venues and hotels, with live music events, art exhibitions and panel discussions, the rally offers an opportunity for participants to form Teams with friends, co-workers and partners and to network and complete the challenge in a fun and casual environment.

The challenge will be filmed, documented, will have extensive distribution around the world and we will go to great lengths to ensure we give everyone the best experience by encouraging participants to enjoy different experiences and to have fun.


The rally will start May 13th 2023 in Montreal and will end May 18th with participants arriving in Miami, Florida to attend the Bitcoin Miami Conference.

Music for Charity


We are organizing series of benefit music events throughout the Challenge to raise awareness to our cause and are calling for artists and DJ's to join us, perform and record charity singles that will be included in Nektar Records to be released as NFTs.

Event Page soon to be Launched

Concert crowd
NFT Illustration

Art for Charity

Exhibitions and auctions are being organized in New York (05/2023) and Dubai (10/2023) in partnerships with artists from around the world.


Artworks will be made available in the form of NFTs and original physical ownerships -- many arrangements will be made with owners, donors and artists to meet celebrities, artists, athletes, business leaders and Heads of States or Ministers of Alliance and Agency member-states in exchange for their support and generosity.

Art page soon to be launched

The Nektar Challenge Fund (NCF) 

The NCF is being established as a special purpose vehicle to manage funds raised during the Nektar Challenge. 

All funds raised during the 2023 Nektar Challenge will be managed in trust by the Innovation Agency and will be deployed by the Agency, the Alliance and the Ministers of Education and Sports of their member-states pro-rata and according to pre-defined Strategic Development Plans.

The 2023 Nektar Challenge supports ambitious projects in 34 countries that aim to improve the lives of millions.

Learn more about the
Alliance Initiative 

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